K3b moved to git

December 7, 2010

Yesterday we’ve finished the process of moving K3b source code to the new KDE git infrastructure. Now you can browse K3b sources on the new fancy project site or directly using Gitweb.

The new git repository is available at:

  • git://anongit.kde.org/k3b (for read-only access)
  • ssh://git@git.kde.org/k3b (for read-write access)

Kudos to sysadmins for help and for making this possible!

K3b 2.0 released

June 28, 2010

I’m very, very pleased to announce the final version of K3b for KDE Platform 4. It is essentially the same as 2.0 RC4 (except for a couple of fixes to German translation). So what are you waiting for? Read release announcement and download it. Unless you use proper distribution and already have it 😉

As this is a bit like a Oscar mement for me I would like to say “thanks” to:

  • Sebastian Trüg for his help and encouragement
  • Kim Højgaard-Hansen for his work in user support
  • Chris Smart and Markus for their help
  • all users who took their time and filled bug reports for improving quality of K3b

And now, let’s back to the code…

Blu-ray arrived

June 22, 2010

A couple days ago I’ve got my new external Blu-ray drive. It’s not only new, it’s also the first BD drive I have. And it’s quite big.

Photo of Blu-ray drive

I bought it after receiving donations from Peter Allen and Chris Smart. Thank you, I hope I will live up to your expectations. Having BD drive certainly helps fixing BD-related bugs 🙂

K3b 2.0 RC4

June 17, 2010

Hi, yesterday I’ve released the fourth Release Candidate for K3b 2.0 (sources here). With high degree of possibility it will become the final release. You may expect it next week 🙂

The branch for 2.0.x line has been created so trunk is now open for new features and major changes. In fact the work on next version already started but I’ll write about that next time.

Changelog since K3b 1.92 (2.0-RC3)


  • Moved K3b Handbook to Userbase
  • Improved checking/unchecking items using Space key. Previously to do that the current item had to be in first column


  • Cannot choose between cdrecord when both cdrecord and wodim are installed (239861)
  • Crash when files have been removed right before burning the project (240398) Crash when moving a file into a directory with Shift key pressed (239075)
  • Invalid parameter to cdrecord for non-integer burning speed (240310)
  • Crash when burning CD Audio project with tracks from another CD (240450)
  • Crash when turning off the drive (235743)
  • Crash when importing previous session (235734)
  • Various crashes during manipulation of eMovix project view
  • Hang before verification (156684)
  • Crash when "Waiting for medium" dialog is closed (232148)

K3b 2.0 RC3

May 23, 2010

Hi, that took us way longer than expected but we’re finally released RC3 of K3b. Among other things the infamous BD bug has been fixed (thanks to muesli who reproduced and debugged the issue). You can grab the sources here.

I’m currently enjoying KDE Multimedia & Edu Sprint in Randa so you can expect soon the next RC with a couple of new bug fixes. After that the final stable version should finally come out the door.

Changelog since K3b 1.91 (2.0-RC2)


  • In some cases medium doesn’t get accepted for multisession burning (230742)
  • Data files in VCD ripping view are not listed
  • Show “Modify Permissions” button in System Problem Dialog only when it makes sense (230706)
  • Crash after “Cancel” was clicked while adding audio files to AudioCD project (231348)
  • Error window at the start when a place on the left pane is not accessible (230194)
  • Incorrect minimum size of welcome widget (231939)
  • Hangs while ripping AudioCD with data tracks (231174)
  • Crash when auto-removing non-existing files from a project before the burning (236005)
  • Empty Blu-ray medium not detected properly (236069)
  • eMovix project cannot be burned (236823)
  • M3U playlist not read properly (237654)
  • K3b overwrites iso ignoring user choice on dvd copy with option “only create image” checked (185251)
  • Compilation fails with FFmpeg version SVN-r23001 (236036)
  • Crash when waiting for reload the medium

The Second Candidate

March 12, 2010

A couple days ago I’ve uploaded a tarball for K3b 2.0 RC2. This version contains the translation files for libk3b, libk3bdevice and K3bSetup that I missed last time. No other changes has been made.

There will be at least one more RC release since there’s still some Blu-ray issue that’s holding us down. It also means the final release will be delayed for a week. So if we’ll make it this time the first KDE4 version of K3b will be released on the first day of spring! (on northern hemisphere, that is.) Cross your fingers!

K3b 2.0 Release Candidate

March 5, 2010

Hi, today we have released K3b 1.90.0 which is a Release Candidate for 2.0 version. You can grab the sources here.

Basides bugfixes the main change is that K3bSetup uses KAuth now. That means kdelibs 4.4 are required to build it. If you want to build K3b with kdelibs 4.3 you’ll need to disable K3bSetup at configure time (pass -DK3B_BUILD_K3BSETUP=OFF option to cmake).

I would like to thank all users who took a time and filled bug reports. Without you K3b wouldn’t be as stable as it is now.

We plan to release the final version on March 15.

Changelog since K3b 1.70 (2.0-beta1)


  • K3bSetup ported to KAuth framework


  • Crash on start of Audio Ripping Dialog (226595)
  • Incorrect ordering of files added to Audio Project (224649)
  • Too wide Image Burn Dialog when file path was long (225735)
  • Crash when creating image files for AudioCD project (219500)
  • Crash when manipulating VCD project items (227855)
  • Mixed-up metadata in files created with external encoder (227927)
  • Cannot edit time values in “Split Audio Track” and “Edit Audio Track” dialogs (229042)
  • Empty Blu-ray medium not detected properly (227339, 229039)
  • Crash during splitting/editing audio tracks
  • Entry fields doesn’t work in burn window when “Only Create Image” option is checked (220970)
  • Layout issues in settings window (227733)

New K3b forum and mailing list

February 16, 2010

Just a quick update for everyone interested. We closed our old mailing lists hosted by Sourceforge and moved to:

See you there!

K3b goes beta!

January 31, 2010

After two months of work I’m pleased to announce the first beta release of K3b. It is the last testing version before stable 2.0. If everything goes fine, the stable version will be ready in the end of February.

Although this version brings mostly bug fixes it also contains some new features. Blu-ray support has got final touches, it’s now waiting for brave testers who would try it. Thanks to Oxygen Team we have new, beautiful icons. Widget and layouts are now more aware of Right-To-Left languages. Full list of changes below.

This release marks a string freeze. That means no changes to translatable string will be made till the stable version. So if you’re translator you should not longer worry your work will be lost.

Screenshot of K3B 1.70.0 (2.0-beta1)

Changelog since K3b 1.69 (2.0-alpha4)


  • Added Blu-ray support
  • Added “Options” button to file browser toolbar with view options menu (e.g. “Show Hidden Files”) (196992)
  • Image and project files can be opened directly from K3b file browser
  • Using Oxygen icons (many thanks to Oxygen Team!)


  • Fixed visual glitch when panes are in “locked” state. Patch by Craig Drummond
  • Fixed hang up when “Create Image” option is checked (217301)
  • “Hide main window while writing” option is working again
  • “Show OSD progress” option is working again
  • Improved message when ISO with incorrect size is detected (216812)
  • Improved consistency: K3b now uses system-wide Positive/Neutral/Negative colors where possible instead of hard-coded green/yellow/red
  • Fixed incorrect default value “4gb.” in “Custom Size” dialog (215539)
  • Fixed usability issues with project size menu: “Custom…” and “From Medium…” menu entries are non-checkable now (215539)
  • Show correct message at the end of CD-RW erasing (207972)
  • Fixed issue with too small configuration dialog for external encoder (218613)
  • Track number is now stored in ripped MP3 files when using lame (218614)
  • “Defaults” button in encoder configuration dialogs are working now
  • Fixed usability problems of audio project list
  • Fixed linking error on Windows
  • Fixed crash during verification process (219962)
  • Fixed crash in external encoder plug-in
  • Brought back SOX encoder configuration dialog
  • Fixed checking free space in temporary folder
  • Fixed videodvd:/ KIO slave
  • Fixed hang-up for mixed projects after reloading medium for verification
  • Converting audio tracks from audio project is working again
  • Fixed burning bootable discs
  • Custom widgets are now properly rendered for Right-to-Left languages
  • Progress bar in image writing dialog is shown again
  • Fixed crash while analyzing invalid medium (223362)
  • Acquire lock also on storage interface. This prevents HAL from polling medium during burning which might disrupt burning process.
  • Fixed bug in external programs detection (221638)
  • Improved usability: don’t show pop-ups when clicking on DVD, VCD or audio discs. Added appriopriate actions on toolbars instead.
  • Fixed crash while analyzing invalid medium (195436)

K3b 1.69 (2.0-alpha4)

November 28, 2009

Hello dear Planet KDE readers! Since it’s my first post on this blog let me introduce myself. My name is Michał Małek, I’m 27 and I write to you from Poland. But I think the most interesting information for you is that I’m a developer of K3b. For those of you who, by any chance, didn’t hear of it: it’s (mainly) a CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning application built on top of KDE Platform.

This blog will provide you with information about K3b development. There weren’t a lot info about it in the last months so, according to Aaron, you could assume the project is dead. That’s not the case.

I came into K3b development about a year ago when I found out that one of my favorite applications is still not ported to KDE4. Today K3b 2.0 is not finished yet but we’re not that far from it either. I’m happy to announce a new alpha release which is an effect of a monthly bug crushing. Two little features were also added. Most of the reported crashes have been fixed so the application should be rather stable. It should still be used carefully though, especially with important data.

Changelog since K3b 1.68 (2.0-alpha3)

New features

  • Added close buttons on project tabs (159751)
  • Added support for new libmpcdec API (214149)


  • Crash at the beginning of burning (204333)
  • Crash during DVD ripping (207958)
  • Crash right after burn (195436)
  • Crash during Audio CD ripping (198015)
  • Crash at the beginning of ripping Audio CD with data tracks (186555)
  • Crash at the beginning of burning cue/bin image (190775)
  • Fixed various typos in UI (208401, 209512)
  • Fixed potential aliasing issues (210890)
  • Show only one entry on the task list even when dialog window is opened (211680)
  • Show correct size when project contains invalid links (212609)
  • Show correct elapsed time when burning over midnight (211604)
  • Added timeout when checking version number and features of executable (212582)
  • Fixed visually endless busy status when opening an empty folder (113649)
  • Burning double-layer DVDs should be possible again (214115)