The Second Candidate

A couple days ago I’ve uploaded a tarball for K3b 2.0 RC2. This version contains the translation files for libk3b, libk3bdevice and K3bSetup that I missed last time. No other changes has been made.

There will be at least one more RC release since there’s still some Blu-ray issue that’s holding us down. It also means the final release will be delayed for a week. So if we’ll make it this time the first KDE4 version of K3b will be released on the first day of spring! (on northern hemisphere, that is.) Cross your fingers!


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12 Responses to “The Second Candidate”

  1. sebaro Says:

    Hi, just upgraded from 1.69 to 1.70. Now the “quick dir selector” toolbar is empty.

    • Michał Małek Says:

      In newer versions all three toolbars has been merged into one. This can cause problems if you changed toolbar’s actions.
      Try to remove $(HOME)/.kde4/share/apps/k3b/k3bui.rc config file, this should reset toolbar layout.

      • sebaro Says:

        Solved it. I don’t know why the “quick dir selector” was empty. I used the “configure toolbars” option and added the “location bar” to it. Thanks.

  2. Tomas Says:

    Good Work Michał!

    I’ve an question. It is posible to edit a .k3b file?
    Because sometimes i move a file from the burnlist into an other folder
    and I always get the eroror the file was not found and it was deletet
    from the burnlist. Sometimes I don’t know on which position the original
    file was and so I lost a lot of time.

    Best Regards Tomasz

  3. Marco DR Says:

    Dear Michał,

    most distributions are deprecating HAL and planning to remove it soon. But HAL is required for k3b. Will it still be required for the final version? What are your plans for this?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  4. magatz Says:

    Hi Michael, i’ve read you need a bluray recorder to test, fix, and enhance k3b. If you contact me at this email address, we can find a solution

    • sirsimon Says:

      Hi. How is the work progrogressing? Is nown the time of final release? Did you fixed problems with bluray? Is this ony one problem? Where can I find some more informations about problems? Thanx you for great job and good luck!

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