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K3b 2.0 released

June 28, 2010

I’m very, very pleased to announce the final version of K3b for KDE Platform 4. It is essentially the same as 2.0 RC4 (except for a couple of fixes to German translation). So what are you waiting for? Read release announcement and download it. Unless you use proper distribution and already have it 😉

As this is a bit like a Oscar mement for me I would like to say “thanks” to:

  • Sebastian Trüg for his help and encouragement
  • Kim Højgaard-Hansen for his work in user support
  • Chris Smart and Markus for their help
  • all users who took their time and filled bug reports for improving quality of K3b

And now, let’s back to the code…


Blu-ray arrived

June 22, 2010

A couple days ago I’ve got my new external Blu-ray drive. It’s not only new, it’s also the first BD drive I have. And it’s quite big.

Photo of Blu-ray drive

I bought it after receiving donations from Peter Allen and Chris Smart. Thank you, I hope I will live up to your expectations. Having BD drive certainly helps fixing BD-related bugs 🙂

K3b 2.0 RC4

June 17, 2010

Hi, yesterday I’ve released the fourth Release Candidate for K3b 2.0 (sources here). With high degree of possibility it will become the final release. You may expect it next week 🙂

The branch for 2.0.x line has been created so trunk is now open for new features and major changes. In fact the work on next version already started but I’ll write about that next time.

Changelog since K3b 1.92 (2.0-RC3)


  • Moved K3b Handbook to Userbase
  • Improved checking/unchecking items using Space key. Previously to do that the current item had to be in first column


  • Cannot choose between cdrecord when both cdrecord and wodim are installed (239861)
  • Crash when files have been removed right before burning the project (240398) Crash when moving a file into a directory with Shift key pressed (239075)
  • Invalid parameter to cdrecord for non-integer burning speed (240310)
  • Crash when burning CD Audio project with tracks from another CD (240450)
  • Crash when turning off the drive (235743)
  • Crash when importing previous session (235734)
  • Various crashes during manipulation of eMovix project view
  • Hang before verification (156684)
  • Crash when "Waiting for medium" dialog is closed (232148)