K3b 2.0 released

I’m very, very pleased to announce the final version of K3b for KDE Platform 4. It is essentially the same as 2.0 RC4 (except for a couple of fixes to German translation). So what are you waiting for? Read release announcement and download it. Unless you use proper distribution and already have it 😉

As this is a bit like a Oscar mement for me I would like to say “thanks” to:

  • Sebastian Trüg for his help and encouragement
  • Kim Højgaard-Hansen for his work in user support
  • Chris Smart and Markus for their help
  • all users who took their time and filled bug reports for improving quality of K3b

And now, let’s back to the code…


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19 Responses to “K3b 2.0 released”

  1. tizio Says:

    great work! 😀 now a new site for this great application 😀

  2. CT Says:

    This probably wrong place to ask.

    I have 1.91 and bug related to speed is not fixed in this version (when you burn DVD speed goes down to 4x). Is this bug fixed or do I need to open new bug report? Thank you.

    Congratulation on new and finally FINAL version!!!

  3. Tom Says:

    Burn Baby Burn!

  4. Tsiolkovsky Says:

    Thank you very much for all your work. I’ve been using the betas of 2.0 on Mandriva Linux Cooker (what is to become 2010 Spring in a few days) and it is working great. It continues to be the best burning app there is.

  5. Tsiolkovsky Says:

    BTW I’ve submited the news to Digg, so please help spread the good news by digging it → http://digg.com/linux_unix/K3b_2_0_is_out_m_Best_Linux_burning_app_gets_Blu_ray_support

  6. dmaian Says:

    Thanks for the great work! I’ve been using k3b since kde3.
    One little question: what’s the roadmap for 2.1? I would love to see dvd authoring, I think it was there in kde3 days but I’m not sure.

  7. blackpanther1975 Says:

    Keep up the good work and wishes for more people to help you!

  8. Vamp898 Says:

    K3B is just awesome =) and im lucky about the fixes in the german translations 😉

    btw. Archlinux 4tw 😉 i have K3B since few days 😛

  9. Bugsbane Says:


    Archlinux (+Chakra) FTW by the way. 😀

  10. tittiatcoke Says:

    RPM’s for openSUSE are available from the KDE4 Community repository.

  11. mkkot Says:

    Thanks a lot!

    BTW dragging and dropping from Dolphin doesn’t work only form me, huh? ;]

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Grat new and many thanks for this great app !

  13. killer1987 Says:

    thank you a lot!!!

  14. 0cool Says:

    when we see k3b on windows??? ;(

  15. Anonymous Says:

    @0cool – When you:

    a) Code / compile it
    b) Convince someone else to do it
    c) Pay for it to happen
    d) Get the devs so excited about doing it the feel like it

    Take your pick 🙂

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