K3b 2.0 RC3

Hi, that took us way longer than expected but we’re finally released RC3 of K3b. Among other things the infamous BD bug has been fixed (thanks to muesli who reproduced and debugged the issue). You can grab the sources here.

I’m currently enjoying KDE Multimedia & Edu Sprint in Randa so you can expect soon the next RC with a couple of new bug fixes. After that the final stable version should finally come out the door.

Changelog since K3b 1.91 (2.0-RC2)


  • In some cases medium doesn’t get accepted for multisession burning (230742)
  • Data files in VCD ripping view are not listed
  • Show “Modify Permissions” button in System Problem Dialog only when it makes sense (230706)
  • Crash after “Cancel” was clicked while adding audio files to AudioCD project (231348)
  • Error window at the start when a place on the left pane is not accessible (230194)
  • Incorrect minimum size of welcome widget (231939)
  • Hangs while ripping AudioCD with data tracks (231174)
  • Crash when auto-removing non-existing files from a project before the burning (236005)
  • Empty Blu-ray medium not detected properly (236069)
  • eMovix project cannot be burned (236823)
  • M3U playlist not read properly (237654)
  • K3b overwrites iso ignoring user choice on dvd copy with option “only create image” checked (185251)
  • Compilation fails with FFmpeg version SVN-r23001 (236036)
  • Crash when waiting for reload the medium

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5 Responses to “K3b 2.0 RC3”

  1. d2kx Says:

    Nice! Now if only Ubuntu and/or other big distributions would switch back from wodim to cdrecord.

  2. eréndira Says:


  3. Kevin Kofler Says:

    @d2kx: Never going to happen (unless upstream suddenly grows a clue, which is very unlikely to happen any time soon), for licensing reasons.

    Wodim works fine for CDs. For DVDs or BluRay disks, use growisofs instead. K3b supports that just fine. It’s the better tool anyway.

  4. Markus Says:

    Michał ❤ 🙂

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