K3b 1.69 (2.0-alpha4)

Hello dear Planet KDE readers! Since it’s my first post on this blog let me introduce myself. My name is Michał Małek, I’m 27 and I write to you from Poland. But I think the most interesting information for you is that I’m a developer of K3b. For those of you who, by any chance, didn’t hear of it: it’s (mainly) a CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning application built on top of KDE Platform.

This blog will provide you with information about K3b development. There weren’t a lot info about it in the last months so, according to Aaron, you could assume the project is dead. That’s not the case.

I came into K3b development about a year ago when I found out that one of my favorite applications is still not ported to KDE4. Today K3b 2.0 is not finished yet but we’re not that far from it either. I’m happy to announce a new alpha release which is an effect of a monthly bug crushing. Two little features were also added. Most of the reported crashes have been fixed so the application should be rather stable. It should still be used carefully though, especially with important data.

Changelog since K3b 1.68 (2.0-alpha3)

New features

  • Added close buttons on project tabs (159751)
  • Added support for new libmpcdec API (214149)


  • Crash at the beginning of burning (204333)
  • Crash during DVD ripping (207958)
  • Crash right after burn (195436)
  • Crash during Audio CD ripping (198015)
  • Crash at the beginning of ripping Audio CD with data tracks (186555)
  • Crash at the beginning of burning cue/bin image (190775)
  • Fixed various typos in UI (208401, 209512)
  • Fixed potential aliasing issues (210890)
  • Show only one entry on the task list even when dialog window is opened (211680)
  • Show correct size when project contains invalid links (212609)
  • Show correct elapsed time when burning over midnight (211604)
  • Added timeout when checking version number and features of executable (212582)
  • Fixed visually endless busy status when opening an empty folder (113649)
  • Burning double-layer DVDs should be possible again (214115)

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62 Responses to “K3b 1.69 (2.0-alpha4)”

  1. Diego Says:

    Showing up on the planet is really a good idea. You can communicate easily with other developers and the users.

    Thank you for your work!

  2. Phlo Says:

    Thanks a lot for your efforts. K3B is an awesome application and by far the most advanced open source burning suite!

  3. jospoortvliet Says:

    Hi and welcome!

    Really cool to see you blog about your work, make sure you keep us updated regularly… It’s good to hear K3B is still alive 😉

  4. Simone Says:

    Thanks for your job

  5. non member Says:

    Why is k3b-devel not public?
    Is the admin paranoid?

  6. non member Says:

    Whis mailing list is alive?

  7. non member Says:

    And the web site looks like you are NOT welcome as developer.

  8. non member Says:

    Also the site looks soooo outdated!

  9. zayed Says:

    Is it k3b or k4b?

  10. IAnjo Says:

    I don’t have much to add other than thanks for working on K3b.

  11. bq Says:

    “Show correct elapsed time when burning over midnight” – I discovered this bug 15 hours ago (at midnight) and I make a TODO that I have to report it. And BOOM – alredy fixed… 😉

    Great work! Can’t wait to test final two-point-oh.. 😉

  12. DeKay Says:

    When do you expect 2.0 to be released?

  13. Paulms Says:

    It’s great to have news about k3b!!!
    k3B is one of my favorite apps.

  14. Markus Says:

    Any chance transcoding support will be based on Phonon or GStreamer? The need to develop special plugins just for K3b seems bad to me.

    • Michał Małek Says:

      Phonon is too high-level for our purposes. As for GStreamer, I don’t know, maybe it would fit our needs. But we’re not planning to change our plugin system as it works well. Maybe in the future, when maintaining it become a hassle… We’ll see.

  15. Tsiolkovsky Says:

    K3b is one of my most favourite applications and my most favourite burning app of them all. So I must say big thanks to you and all others working on it. Don’t forget to add your name to the developers list on the webpage 🙂

  16. Raj Says:

    … and one of these days we will also see the windows port of k3b 2.0

  17. Simon Says:

    Thx for your work !

  18. ac Says:

    Thanks Michał, your work is appreciated.

  19. Moonsmasher Says:

    Many thanks for your work on k3b ! It is a great app thanks your help.

  20. mkkot Says:

    Hey, I’m proud someone from Poland took significant role in developing my most frequently used app :]

    Do you plan to update documentation as well?

    • Michał Małek Says:

      Cześć! No, I’m afraid I won’t find a time for that 😦 Any help with documentation is welcomed though. Interested?

      • Chris Smart Says:

        Hi Michał,

        Thanks for your great work on K3b. Has anyone volunteered to do some documentation work on K3b yet? If not, I’m interested in having a go at it.


      • Michał Małek Says:

        Great! Nobody volunteered yet so your help would be very appreciated.

      • Chris Smart Says:

        Hi Michał,

        That sounds good. Would you mind shooting me a quick email to discuss? Or is there a specific IRC channel you use?


    • mkkot Says:

      I doubt if I can write 4 words without 8 mistakes… I’m rather a documentation translator (also for k3b). Well, if there won’t be any volunteer maybe I will think about it in future.

  21. CFB Says:

    Thanks from Italy too 🙂
    version 1.69 is really a huge improvement – you brougth k3b back in my system

  22. John Ouzts Says:


    Congratulations and many thanks! I share your enthusiasm for K3B, if not your developer’s skills. You have certainly taken on a daunting challenge, given the reputation that K3B has for elegance and ease of use.

    The very best wishes from all us K3B fans with excessive expectations. Now I’m off to file a bug report, of course.


  23. JimHu Says:

    Thx for your hard work~

  24. Eric Hameleers Says:

    Hi Michal

    Thanks for picking up speed. I had lost hope for k3b.

    Cheers, Eric

  25. sebaro Says:

    Two issues:
    -> “Hide menu window while writing” is checked but it doesn’t hide it.
    -> Can’t uncheck/disable “Enable Konqueror Integration” and plugins.
    (1.68.0_alpha3 on Gentoo)

  26. Hernan Says:

    Thanks from Argentina too! I hope stable release 2.0 to be ready for its inclusion in Debian Squeeze before February.

  27. Łukasz Says:

    People like you shows that open-source will never die, great work great piece of software, I`m looking forward to see k3b 2.0 final in all its glory!

    Stary jesteś wielki!

  28. tnut Says:

    It’s really great news to read that k3b (my favorite “toaster”) is going beter and beter.

    Really tanks a lot for this excellent work you did on k3b

    Keep going

    All the best


  29. Frank Says:

    k3b is the reason that I stay with KDE 3 and I am thinking switch to GNOME too.

    Happy New Year.

  30. mkkot Says:

    Could you please look on this: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=143695

  31. Dwight Says:

    The distro with which I’ve stayed for quite a while now, Mepis, is KDE-based but the developer has (wisely) refrained from incorporating KDE4 into it until now. The first KDE4 iteration should be ready in a few weeks. I’ve been sufficiently concerned about K3b in KDE4 that I’ve checked the K3b website hoping for progress every few months. I’m *really* glad to find you’re working on K3b. It’s a marvelous utility that I use constantly. I used a few other CD writers long ago in my Windows days but K3b is superior in terms of both ease of use and audio quality; oddly, audio CDs made with it, when played over a good stereo system, sound noticeably better than CDs burned in Windows. Thank you for your efforts.

  32. Gabriele Says:

    Thank you for your work! Well done!

  33. Kris Says:

    It’s good to see that the project is still alive. Thank you for your work on K3B!

  34. Guardiola Says:

    One of my favourites apps in KDE! Well done man ^^
    Regards from Barcelona

  35. Marko Says:

    I am a little confused because on the k3b web page – the team…there are no changes?? There are no much or I don’t know where to find roadmap for k3b for KDE 4…
    Thanks in advance.


  36. peter Says:

    Tack för KB3..verkligen så nice” använda och ..enkel..och bra på alla sätt o vis..Har använt många olika burners” i både windows och linux..men KB3 är den jag fastnat för..Stort Tack 😀

  37. Clemens Eisserer Says:

    Thanks a lot for working on K3B-2 🙂

  38. knoba Says:

    I’ve always enjoyed using K3B since Mandrake. It has never given me a bad burn. Excellent app! Well done! My thanks to the devs & contributors who make it possible.

  39. Marco Says:

    In KDE3 version, when you pressed F2 to rename the files in project, just the first part of name was selected (not the extension). It was a wonderful feature which allowed to edit, copy & paste similar file names very fast. Is it planned to add this feature to the KDE4 version?

    Regards and thanks very much for you great work!

  40. just_me Says:

    Hello and thanks for the work,

    when will HAL be kicked out of k3b’s dependencies? HAL is dead by upstream and with xorg-server 1.8 it is not needed for X anymore. So besides some KDE stuff it doesn’t seem to be needed anymore. Would be good to get rid of it.

    Thanks & Greetings

  41. Luca Says:

    Hi everybody,

    I don’t speak english very well, so sorry for that.

    I have just 2 questions to do, but before I want to thanks all the team that work hard for give us this fantastic program.
    I think this is not the right place for ask this 2 things but I don’t know where I should ask.
    The questions are:

    1) when I make an Audio CD, once I put the tracks in the project, I can’t move them and re-order as I want. If I move a track from the the place 12 to place 2 for example, k3b doesn’t move the track, just creates another one in the place 2. So I have the same track duplicated. The question is: there is a manner for decide the order that I want and move the tracks up and down as I want?

    2) I have the packet libk3b6-extracodecs, but some mp3 files cannot be converted when I put them in a Audio CD project. Did I miss some package?

    Thanks for the answare and for the very good product you give us!

    P.S. I use Kubuntu 9.10, KDE 4.4.2 and K3b 1.68.0

  42. sickie Says:

    I added your name in the infobox (under developers) of Wikipedia’s k3b article.

  43. Miguel Sáenz Says:


    Congratulations for your work. It’s a great application, I’ve been using it for years and I’m very satisfied with it.

    Can I ask you, when are you going to try a “G3b” for Gnome?

    Never mind, I work with Gnome and use K3b instead and fits good, but…
    Best Regards

    Miguel SSM, Spain.

  44. greg Says:

    The segfault on startup bugs using Fedora 12 rpms isn’t fixed. there are a lot of dupe bugs, all closed NOTMAINTAINED. So for me, K3B is, at the moment, non-functional. From the crashfile:

    K3bDevice::from4Byte (d=0x8fbf004 ) at k3bdeviceglobals.cpp:203

    I hope K3B is ready soon, and get’s into Fedora 12 soon afterwards.

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