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K3b goes beta!

January 31, 2010

After two months of work I’m pleased to announce the first beta release of K3b. It is the last testing version before stable 2.0. If everything goes fine, the stable version will be ready in the end of February.

Although this version brings mostly bug fixes it also contains some new features. Blu-ray support has got final touches, it’s now waiting for brave testers who would try it. Thanks to Oxygen Team we have new, beautiful icons. Widget and layouts are now more aware of Right-To-Left languages. Full list of changes below.

This release marks a string freeze. That means no changes to translatable string will be made till the stable version. So if you’re translator you should not longer worry your work will be lost.

Screenshot of K3B 1.70.0 (2.0-beta1)

Changelog since K3b 1.69 (2.0-alpha4)


  • Added Blu-ray support
  • Added “Options” button to file browser toolbar with view options menu (e.g. “Show Hidden Files”) (196992)
  • Image and project files can be opened directly from K3b file browser
  • Using Oxygen icons (many thanks to Oxygen Team!)


  • Fixed visual glitch when panes are in “locked” state. Patch by Craig Drummond
  • Fixed hang up when “Create Image” option is checked (217301)
  • “Hide main window while writing” option is working again
  • “Show OSD progress” option is working again
  • Improved message when ISO with incorrect size is detected (216812)
  • Improved consistency: K3b now uses system-wide Positive/Neutral/Negative colors where possible instead of hard-coded green/yellow/red
  • Fixed incorrect default value “4gb.” in “Custom Size” dialog (215539)
  • Fixed usability issues with project size menu: “Custom…” and “From Medium…” menu entries are non-checkable now (215539)
  • Show correct message at the end of CD-RW erasing (207972)
  • Fixed issue with too small configuration dialog for external encoder (218613)
  • Track number is now stored in ripped MP3 files when using lame (218614)
  • “Defaults” button in encoder configuration dialogs are working now
  • Fixed usability problems of audio project list
  • Fixed linking error on Windows
  • Fixed crash during verification process (219962)
  • Fixed crash in external encoder plug-in
  • Brought back SOX encoder configuration dialog
  • Fixed checking free space in temporary folder
  • Fixed videodvd:/ KIO slave
  • Fixed hang-up for mixed projects after reloading medium for verification
  • Converting audio tracks from audio project is working again
  • Fixed burning bootable discs
  • Custom widgets are now properly rendered for Right-to-Left languages
  • Progress bar in image writing dialog is shown again
  • Fixed crash while analyzing invalid medium (223362)
  • Acquire lock also on storage interface. This prevents HAL from polling medium during burning which might disrupt burning process.
  • Fixed bug in external programs detection (221638)
  • Improved usability: don’t show pop-ups when clicking on DVD, VCD or audio discs. Added appriopriate actions on toolbars instead.
  • Fixed crash while analyzing invalid medium (195436)