K3b goes beta!

After two months of work I’m pleased to announce the first beta release of K3b. It is the last testing version before stable 2.0. If everything goes fine, the stable version will be ready in the end of February.

Although this version brings mostly bug fixes it also contains some new features. Blu-ray support has got final touches, it’s now waiting for brave testers who would try it. Thanks to Oxygen Team we have new, beautiful icons. Widget and layouts are now more aware of Right-To-Left languages. Full list of changes below.

This release marks a string freeze. That means no changes to translatable string will be made till the stable version. So if you’re translator you should not longer worry your work will be lost.

Screenshot of K3B 1.70.0 (2.0-beta1)

Changelog since K3b 1.69 (2.0-alpha4)


  • Added Blu-ray support
  • Added “Options” button to file browser toolbar with view options menu (e.g. “Show Hidden Files”) (196992)
  • Image and project files can be opened directly from K3b file browser
  • Using Oxygen icons (many thanks to Oxygen Team!)


  • Fixed visual glitch when panes are in “locked” state. Patch by Craig Drummond
  • Fixed hang up when “Create Image” option is checked (217301)
  • “Hide main window while writing” option is working again
  • “Show OSD progress” option is working again
  • Improved message when ISO with incorrect size is detected (216812)
  • Improved consistency: K3b now uses system-wide Positive/Neutral/Negative colors where possible instead of hard-coded green/yellow/red
  • Fixed incorrect default value “4gb.” in “Custom Size” dialog (215539)
  • Fixed usability issues with project size menu: “Custom…” and “From Medium…” menu entries are non-checkable now (215539)
  • Show correct message at the end of CD-RW erasing (207972)
  • Fixed issue with too small configuration dialog for external encoder (218613)
  • Track number is now stored in ripped MP3 files when using lame (218614)
  • “Defaults” button in encoder configuration dialogs are working now
  • Fixed usability problems of audio project list
  • Fixed linking error on Windows
  • Fixed crash during verification process (219962)
  • Fixed crash in external encoder plug-in
  • Brought back SOX encoder configuration dialog
  • Fixed checking free space in temporary folder
  • Fixed videodvd:/ KIO slave
  • Fixed hang-up for mixed projects after reloading medium for verification
  • Converting audio tracks from audio project is working again
  • Fixed burning bootable discs
  • Custom widgets are now properly rendered for Right-to-Left languages
  • Progress bar in image writing dialog is shown again
  • Fixed crash while analyzing invalid medium (223362)
  • Acquire lock also on storage interface. This prevents HAL from polling medium during burning which might disrupt burning process.
  • Fixed bug in external programs detection (221638)
  • Improved usability: don’t show pop-ups when clicking on DVD, VCD or audio discs. Added appriopriate actions on toolbars instead.
  • Fixed crash while analyzing invalid medium (195436)

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32 Responses to “K3b goes beta!”

  1. anon Says:

    Wow – big news, congrats! Are you syndicated on planetkde, btw? I’m not seeing this post there.

  2. Markus Says:

    That’s cool!
    As one of the K3b translators, I have some problems with K3b recently. It seems to me that K3b does not follow a usual release schedule: No roadmaps with milestone dates for example.
    I’m not aware of any place where string freezes are announced, for example. Now we have a new release upon us and I wasn’t even prepared for it. Result: 17 untranslated/fuzzy strings in the German version alone. Other languages might have been struck harder.

    I hope it will be smoother for the final 2.0 release.

    • Markus Says:

      Just to make it clear: I’ve read you post and that it marks a string freeze. It nevertheless would be nice to be prepared earlier for the beta and to know until when we translators have time to finish the translations for 2.0.0. 🙂

      • Eike Hein Says:

        It’s actually mandatory for Extragear apps that don’t release alongside the KDE SC to announce their string freezes and release dates on the kde-i18n-doc mailing list as well as update this table on Techbase: http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/Extragear

      • Michał Małek Says:

        @Markus: Ok, I hear what you’re saying. I will try to do better next time 🙂 The current site is a PITA to modify, but on the new one roadmap will be added.

        @Eike Hein: Thanks, I didn’t know that. I will update the schedule on Techbase and send the announcement soon.

      • Markus Says:

        Does K3b even need its own site? Why not redirect k3b.org to http://userbase.kde.org/K3b and enhance user-targeted information there and link to http://techbase.kde.org/K3b for all developer-related material?
        BTW, delete that k3b-users mailing list. Occasionally people ask questions there but get no answers. Link to http://forum.kde.org instead.
        KDE offers all infrastructure already. I don’t think that building a whole new page is necessary.

  3. Debianero Rumbero Says:

    Kudos and thank you very much for your great work.

  4. Mike Lothian Says:

    Hey I’ll test the bluray support tonight

    I’ll see if there’s an updated Gentoo ebuild if not hopefully nothing much has changed since the last version

  5. Ricky Laishram Says:

    This is great news but is it available in any PPA for Ubuntu yet?

  6. K3b 2 goes beta Says:

    […]  Burning Questions […]

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    […] Osoby, które chcą dowiedzieć się jeszcze więcej o wersji 2.0 zapraszam na oficjalny blog Michała Małka znajdujący się tutaj. […]

  8. nn Says:

    Great news!

    Thank you very much for your effort on porting K3B to KDE4, it’s like the most missing KDE4 App of all imho.

  9. gdever Says:


  10. اخبار نرم افزارهای آزاد (۱۷) - LinuxShare Says:

    […] Małek از توسعه ی دهندگان K3B ، از انتشار اولین نسخه بتای نگارش 2.0 این برنامه رایت CD/DVD خبر داد. این نسخه شامل رفع ایرادات […]

  11. John Bull Says:

    this is wonderful news!
    keep up the good work!

  12. Ben Green Says:

    I’m having trouble burning Blurays, with the 1.70.0 version. I’ve posted to the k3b-users mailing list but had no response. Another person on the list has the exact same issue. Were should I try next?

    Basically the issue is that the following dialogue comes up:

    “Please insert a suitable medium into drive”

    Though a disk is present and is spotted correctly by K3B:

    “Found Medium: Empty BD-R Medium”

    This is consistent accross two different BD writers.

    • Rolf Says:

      I just bought a bd burner, some bd-r disks, and get this same problem, found this posting at google. I’m trying to burn a BDMV rip of a bd movie disk. I can play the stream of these files in smplayer and vlc. K3b informs the big files need to be mounted udf and I thought that was the problem, so I modprobed udf. Then, I tried by creating an image, first, and k3b makes an iso but gives the same error when it’s time to burn: “found medium empty bd-r medium please insert suitable medium”…

  13. mkkot Says:

    I hope there were also other people who saw this but it’s always better to note it down (and I’m too lazy to fill a bugreport ;))

    So, open k3b (with default settings of course), try to move this colourful message “Welcome to K3b…” a little bit higher, go with your mouse over k3b’s filemanager and whoops – “Welcome to K3b…” went down again into some fixed position it was before.

    • Michał Małek Says:

      See here: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=219741
      In the future keep in mind that I’m too forgetful to remember bugs not reported to bugs.kde.org 😉

      • mkkot Says:

        Sorry :>

        Okay, I admit, I was looking for bugs releated to 1.70 and that’s why I haven’t found it. But then I went upset because of bugs.kde.org slowness and here I am. Won’t happen again 😛

        I got in touch with Polish translation team so they take attention on “polishing” this app until final 2.0 ;]. Docs have been done already (by me).

        BTW I have just bought 100 blank DVDs, if you need me to test sth, just leave an email :]

      • Michał Małek Says:

        Great, thank you for your work on docs 🙂 Testing is very welcome: just use K3b and if you catch something, report it.

  14. Marco Says:

    In KDE3 version, when you pressed F2 to rename the files in project, just the first part of name was selected (not the extension). It was a wonderful feature which allowed to edit, copy & paste similar file names very fast. Is it planned to add this feature to the KDE4 version?

    Regards and thanks very much for you great work!

  15. Peter Says:

    k3b 1.05 version for KDE 3 was and it is very good application. But if we are looking back when KDE developers decided to quit developing KDE 3 and KDE 4 is the main version is almost two years.
    Why KDE users push to swith to KDE 4 if is the most important application for KDE – K3b- not ready? Why was all this rush? ANd BTW KDE 4 is still not ready…

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, what a nice work !!!

  17. Les Barkley Says:

    Great article, thanks!

  18. nihontour Says:

    Thank for your updates and news. Its a great work! Make sure you write the result of your test here so we could find out.

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    No brief-cuts aloud.

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    K3b goes beta! | Burning Questions

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